Backstage Access: The Breezeblock

In our teen year there was a bad joke about a Breezeblock. It does’t bear repeating in this day and age of Political Correctness, and it wash;t ever really that funny either.

The FLY53 Breezeblock on the other had does bear repeating and don’t care less about political anything. It’s a Starsky and Hutch cowl next monster that has a mistress in every port and a finger in each pie that’s being baked. If it were an animal it wold be a cunning mixture of a fox and a bear – a Fear or a Box. Because it’s cuddly but conniving at the same time. It’s all about hitting the international clubs and playing capture the flag.

Hit the images if you can handle the heat.

breezeblock_red_0_1 breezeblock_red_3-1 breezeblock_red_4