FLY53 Backstage Story: Hugh Deathner

We have invested a lot into our in house designers from day one. They are the lifeblood of the FLY53 brand as they drive the graphics that have seen us grow over the decades into a fore-runner on the streetwear scene in the UK.

For the start of the Autumn Winter 2013 season they have already hit the sales nail on the head with their design for the Hugh Deathner Tee. It’s a tee for the last weeks of the British Summer, refreshing wardrobes with a seasonal uplift in style.

Based on a certain gents magazine, our ‘bunny’ head is made up from a raft of sliced and diced cartoon characters, destroying the icons of pop culture to remake another of the icons. See what we did there? As with all FLY53 graphics there is a story to what we do, but there’s a key to understanding what we do, and it’s always a challenge from us to you to find the story. Some people in the know will see what we are doing, others will just see a killer tee that goes well with their jeans and shoes.

We cater to everyone, or at least try to. You don’t have to be in our club to like good clothes, but at some stage, you’ll look at our designs, and something will click, then you see something hidden away that you hadn’t noticed before. We’re different and always will be.

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Hugh Deathner AW13