Fly53 Exclusive Interview – Citizens

“Citizens On Patrol”

From playing pubs and clubs to hitting the worldwide stage in 2012, CITIZENS are taking on the world and are already at making inroads at winning over new fans from far and wide.

Touring left right and centre, releasing a succession of catchy Orange Juice-tinged singles, and firmly killing off references to their previous working title, Official Secrets Act; CITIZENS isn’t just a rebrand, it’s a whole new band; leaner, meaner, and focused.

We sat down with them for a lemonade (us) and tea (them) before they jetted off on a European and Australian tour. After discussing the logistics of travelling across London in 20 minutes from a visa interview to a flight, they were ready to start chatting music, being French label Kitsune’s next big hope and doing what they do best, writing ‘pop’ music.

You’re music is quite poppy, is that on purpose?

Tom: Some people think they’re going to insult us when they describe us as quite poppy, but the whole point of the band was to write pop songs. That was always our mission statement and it was always an experiment to see if we could just write pop songs that weren’t horrible and cringey, we wanted to record them in a way that isn’t horrible or manufactured. It’s always something we’ve admired in bands from the Beach Boys to The Cure and people need to be keeping that alive all the time.

Thom: Yeah, it’s keeping all the hard work alongside the credibility you’d have with an indie band – but not being embarrassed to write songs that reach out to as many people as possible.

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