Fly53 Exclusive Interview – Collectors Club

This week we hooked up with the incredibly talented upcoming Collectors Club, Joe S, Lewis, Josh, Joe C and Chris as they took to the stage at Fly53 in store event, Republic, Leeds.

After first coming to our attention back 2011 when we watched them take on the BBC Introducing stage at T in the Park the guys have gone from strength to strength and in the last year have supported the likes of Pete and the Pirates and Mystery Jets.

2012 saw the release of their first single, ‘First to Know,’ and we decided it was about time we sat them down to find out how life’s been treating them since they graced the festival stages of summer 11′.

Fill us in on what you have been doing recently?
We have been writing our own music, and the recording studio, we also have recorded our 1st EP for launch in March.

If you weren’t making music for a living what would you be doing?
Architecture (Joe S), I love building architecture and thought that is something I would like to get involved, although I think an architecture course is around seven years which is a serious commitment. I would like to do something that involved the English language (Lewis), most people think I mean becoming a teacher when I mention this but I mean more of a journalistic nature, article writing, gig and album reviews etc.

Career highlights so far?
T in the Park, we keep looking back at the video and thinking where we can improve as a band and it was great working with everyone at the BBC. It’s also great going into clubs and hearing your music being played. Back home there is this place called, ‘The Empire’ where the likes of Maximo Park and Django Django have played and the fact that we have also played there is pretty cool.

Shoot, Shag, Marry – Rock Goddess Karen O, actress Mila Kunis, model Kate Upton?
Marry Mila Kunis, who’s Karen O? yeah shoot and shag Kate Upton all the way.

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?
Probably a guitar, although a leather jacket bought recently was pretty expensive. One of the most expensive things at the moment is travel, even getting to Leeds from the North East has cost us a few quid, so travel to gigs all adds up.

What do you listen to when getting ready to go on stage?
Our own haha! No music really, because we live all over the North East, when we get together for a gig we catch up with everything so no time for music.

Five member fantasy band?
These are hard questions. Stevie Wonder – keyboards, do they have to be living? Steve Jordan – Drums, Johnny Marr/John Meyer (?) – guitar, Bernard Edwards – bass.

What is the best thing since sliced bread?
Unsliced bread, It tastes better.

Any thanks to anyone?
Family and friends, Bob Fisher – BBC introducing, Henry Carden – promotion and management, and of course Fly53 for having us.