Despite popular belief no one from (new kids on the block band) ‘Eliza and the Bear’ is called Eliza… or Bear (which was disappointing for obvious reasons) in fact, refreshingly the name comes from a collection of poems by Eleanor Rees of which the entire band were fans.

After announcing they’d be playing at one of our favourite festivals of the summer (TGE), we caught up with the guys producing the coolest sounds in folk pop/ folk rock since The Lumineers to find out what any sane interviewer would want to know.. their three favourite swear words.

Hey Guys how’s it going? Give us the low down on what you’ve been up to recently?

We have been writing and recording recently as well as gearing up for our run of headline shows that starts on the 25th of Feb

Quick fire Top 3’s:

Top 3 One hit wonders?

Mr Oizo – Flat beat 

Baz Lurhman — Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen

Vanilla – No Way No Way (That had to be in there because its a miracle hit!)

Top 3 Favorite bands right now?

Little comets, The Head and the Heart and Peace.

Top 3 Worst haircuts?

Easy, my own, our piano player and Donald Trump (Sorry D)

Top 3 Favorite swear words?

I like extended swears like: Shit-the-bed, Fuck-a-duck and simply.. Bastard.

Can you tell us a bit about how you came up withthe name – we know no one in the band is called Eliza and we’re assuming no one is called Bear either(although we hope we’re wrong)?

No Eliza’s or Bears. Although some of us can sound like bears in the morning (Callie) . The name came from a collection of poems we all loved by Eleanor Rees, we dropped her an email and she let us use it!

TGE Festival has already announced you’ll be playing this year. Any other festivals in the pipeline? Is there any in particular you’d love to play?

Plenty of festivals coming up for us, none of which i’m allowed to mention yet! We all love festivals like Green Man, thats one we would love to play.

An asteroid is heading towards earth, you’ve got 1 day left to leave your mark on the world – What goes down?

Maybe a quick collab with Rihanna or Kanye, one last song to bid farewell to life.

If you could play with any one music legend dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I’d love to play with Springsteen. The man is a machine, he has energy that knows no bounds.

Some critics have compared your sound to Mumford and Sons, how do you feel about that comparison?

It can’t be that bad being compared to Mumford and Sons. Obviously you want your own sound but everyone will draw comparisons to one band or another.

Best piece of advice anyone’s ever given you?

Always put my boxers on before my jeans

You’re on board a sinking boat, to ensure your survival either one of you has to jump out or all of your instruments must be dumped overboard…What do you do?

Can we buy new instruments? Can the jumping member swim well? What are his chances of survival if he has to jump? These are all vital questions that have to be covered before making any hasty decisions.

Any thanks to anyone?

You guys! and anyone else who has helped us out along the way!