Fly53 Exclusive Interview – Luls

With the release of their debut single ‘Swing Low / Young’ through Paradyse Records at the end of 2012, London-based trio Luls had officially caught our attention. After a few days of listening to the single on repeat, intrigued, we decided to get in touch and throw a few questions at (the refreshingly down to earth and very funny) Adam.

Mutually appreciative, him of our unusual interview style, us of his particularly witty answers, we got down to business…Enjoy.

1.Calling yourself ‘cocks’ (in another language) is a nice touch for a band name, but where there other options on the table and why were they thrown out?

There were a LOT of options, thinking about it I don’t really know how or why we ended up with LULS. It was a bit of a mental process, we did these massive email conversations and I think we came up with like 300+ suggestions….that may have been what totally overwhelmed everyone.

Actually I’m on my email now, shall we do a sampler of some of the worst. YEEeeah. Top 5, here we go…

Unzipped doesn’t exist

Agape babe

Jock skull



So as you can see, quality was low, quantity was high. We took the approach where presumably if you come up with enough ideas eventually you’re bound to have a good one. Whether that worked or not I don’t know.

We actually played a few shows under the name Braves, but annoyingly like a lot of the better names we thought of it was already taken.

2.You just supported Crystal Castles, how was that?

Pretty amazing. It was kind of strange to tour with a band you’ve listened to since their first album. I actually used to have their T-shirt, the one with Madonna with the black eye. Bands like that always seem unreachable and distant, you imagine getting to play with them but assume it will probably never happen. So when the offer came in, that was definitely a pretty big moment, we actually only found out the day before the first show.

Over all I think we went down pretty well, which was nice. Obviously we are pretty different bands, before the first show part of me was thinking “this could go very badly”. Seemingly it didn’t, there was a circle pit, when I saw that I knew we’d be OK.

3.One of our workmates went to the show and that’s where we got the idea to contact you from. Were you surprised by us getting in contact?

Well…yes. I’d assumed our press agent had strong armed you into interviewing us. Damn i wish this wasn’t by email, I’d like to know what show they came to. Did they think it was good? Or did they just just think “those guys really need some new clothes” and took pity on us? I currently only own one pair of trousers, so what ever the reason, we really need this.

4.From what we have read about you, you seem to be what we would describe as feisty, would you agree with that description?

Feisty?! Haha. What have you read? Feisty reminds me of the character you see in so many 80’s movies, you know, the girl next door’s best friend, who takes no shit and has a crush on the lead character that’s not reciprocated. Does that describe us? Hmm….yes, but with beards.

I thought we came across more mildly depressed and cynical in interviews, I often find myself talking about how mundane my life is and how I don’t really like talking about the band. Beard-o’s is probably a more accurate description.

5.As we think you might be feisty we’re going to let you ask us a question…

Ooooo…..erm. See now I have to think of a “feisty” question, to match our newly acquired feisty image. That’s hard. Hmmm…

If you and the rest of the staff at Fly53 were marooned on a desert island Lord Of the Flies style, which of you would be…

A. The first to elect themselves leader, only to be turned on later.

B. The one who snaps and is later found talking to a volleyball they have named Wilson, possibly wearing a crown made of washed up tampons.

C. The highly intelligent, morally correct fat kid who gets crushed by a rock for being boring.

Easy (mentioning no names) some of us can already be found talking to the odd mannequin or two at the end of a hard day in the office. And we’ve definitely found ourselves in some pretty compromising states after a work night out. We’re saying B all the way we’ll rock that crown of pons and we’ll rock it hard. We’re all mad here. 

6.Back to you – What is the best thing since sliced bread?

Easy…Max Martin.

He seems to have basically written every guilty pleasure song ever.

Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Ever Ever Getting Back Together. CHECK. Kelly Clarkson – Since You’ve Been Gone. CHECK. 5IVE – Slam Dunk (Da Funk). CHEEECK.

So him and er I dunno….I guess what with doing the touring we have all rediscovered junk food. That’s been pretty exciting. I hadn’t had KFC in about 5 years, it was a taste sensation. Actually forget that…..the free-view channel Yesterday. It’s been my rock through many an uneventful year. They have found a strong theme and run with it: WWII.

7.We’ve just partied hard this NYE, who would you have as a line up for a dream NYE party?

I think it would sort of depend on what mood I was in.

If we are talking band line up, I’d revert to my teens and go with….Orchestra Of Wolves era Gallows, Relationship of Command era At The Drive Inn, Battle Of Los Angeles era Rage Against The Machine and White Pony era Deftones. If that exact line up could be snatched out of time and placed at my NYE party I’d head bang till my neck vertebrae turned into sand…fact.

If we are talking guests…Andrew W.K. for obvious reasons. Owsley Stanley, the Greatful Dead’s sound-man and creator of the Owsley Acid Test. Nick Kent, if The Dark Stuff is anything to go by he’s got a few good stories. Jimmy Page, but transported forward in time from the point in the 70’s when he was really into Majik. And to make up numbers the 2004 cast of Neighbours.

8.What’s the plan for 2013?

Well it will start with releasing our second single, which we are pretty excited about. From there things are a little bit less certain. At a guess following that we’ll release a third single, which with any luck will be the first off our album, get out on tour…you know, the usual band stuff. I think as long as we are busy we’ll be happy, when there is nothing to do I tend to loose it a bit. Hopefully 2013 will be the year where it all becomes a bit more real, I’m tired of sitting around wondering what will happen, next year is when we find out.

9.Any thanks you would like to pass on?

Er yeah….. thank you to the person in your office who came to see us and instigated this. We really appreciate that. Actually these are definitely some of the better questions we’ve been asked, so thank you also. You didn’t ask “how did you meet” or “describe your music” which is always a plus.