Fly53 Exclusive Interview – Shinies

When it comes to new talent these guys have got it in bucket loads and have been gaining some serious attention of late. Over the past 12 months they’ve released 2 new singles, appeared on some seriously influential music blogs and kidnapped Pat Sharp and thats all on top of playing gigs up and down the country. How do they find the time?

This week they played right on our doorstep in London’s East end and not ones to miss a party, we headed over there to find out what all the fuss was about, hook the guys up with the finest of Fly53 threads and give them a good old fashioned grilling…oh boy were we in for a treat.

1. So, How are you guys – tell us what you’ve all been up to recently?

Ric: Good yeah, just munching on a reduced haddock sandwich.

Adam: This and that, that and this. Just gearing up to the release of our 2nd single “Ennui/Eighteen” on Dirty Bingo Records that’s out on the 22nd of October. Plugging to the max.

Jarve: Becoming a white van man, for realz …

Joe: Sleeping in the back of said white van for hours at a time.

2. Tell us your most outrageous tour story – Or is riding like a fugitive in the back of a transit (How we found Adam en route to London) as rough as it gets?

Ric: We may or may not have slept in a multi story car park.

Adam: Haha that was pretty grim, but it’s been worse. We’ve slept in car parks, locked ourselves out of cars, had fallouts over fried chicken. we’re pretty ghetto. Jarvis (our drummer) once didn’t have his hands on ten to two on the wheel. He’s mental.

Jarve: I reversed into a wall once … true story

3. Sum up your sound in 5 words for us?

Ric: Ice cream in a hoover.

Jarve: Shit sandwich (in your mouth?)

4. Who’s mum’s the fittest? – Has anyone gone there?

Ric: Almost definitely Joe’s but I’ve only ever gone there in my dreams.

Joe: Well I look a fair bit like my mum, so I’m gonna have to agree with Ric – I am one sexy mofo – Thanks mum.

Adam: I hope our mum’s don’t read this. If I say my opinion I won’t be allowed to go round Ric’s parents house for tea anymore.

5. If you had to choose between a night with Ellis Cooper (our girl crush) and a sold out gig in London which would you choose?

Adam: Ellis Cooper probably. We’re pretty fickle. Can we not sell out a London show and then spend the night with her?

Ric: Yeah we could just get her to come along.

Adam: Haha yeah then Ric can work his sleazy magic.

6. What would it take for you guys to perform on X Factor?

Adam: Every year I tell Ric to go on it. If I could sing well I’d be there in a flash, murdering all the classics like there’s no tomorrow.

Ric: Cheryl Cole…covered in mayonnaise.

Adam: She’s already on it isn’t she? Why aren’t you there singing Hallelujah?

Jarve: Death?

Joe: I’d audition for x factor if the que’s weren’t so long.

7. Top three songs you can’t get enough of right now?

Adam: Tame Impala – Elephant, Kindness – Anyone Can Fall in Love , Purity Ring – Fineshrine.

Ric: Peace – California Daze.

Jarve: Jeff Buckley – I Woke Up In A Strange Place, Deerhoof – L’amour Stories, Man Or Astroman? Psychology of A.I (Numbers Follow Answers), not exactly current, but I’ve been stuck in the past for a fair while now…

8. What gets you up in the morning the music, the money or the bitches?

Ric: An erection.

Adam: Disgusting. Crunchy Nut, then the bitches.

Jarve: The most insanely aggressive alarm in the world, Ric can testify, its seriously offensive.

Joe: Fire…. bar that nothing.

9. If you could have anyone in the world as a fifth member for the day who would it be any why?

Adam: Ellis Cooper for obvious reasons.

Ric: Any member of the Sugababes past or present to sing me lullabies and dish the dirt about the other members.

Jarve: Jeff Buckley, for obvious reasons.

Joe: Richard Branson so he’d take me up to space in return.

10. You’re invisible for a day – tell us what goes down?

Adam: Lots of girl’s pants. Honestly we’re not sex pests.

Jarve: I’m already invisible if you view me from the side…

Joe: I’d find out what KFC’s secret recipe and then spend the rest of my life ripping them off.

11. Best piece of advice anyone ever gave you?

Adam: As you can tell we could do with some interview advice if anyone’s offering…

Ric: Don’t mention Jimmy Saville

Adam: We were actually advised not to do that in an interview we gave with the BBC last week.

12. Any Thanks to anyone?

Adam: Big love to Jai for making us look like sleaze balls.

An absolute pleasure to work with one thing is for sure a night out with this lot is not for the faint of heart. Tongue firmly in cheek, check out what they’re all about with the video to their new double A side Ennui/ Eighteen out today- 22nd of October.