FLY53 Fanzine: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The idea behind the first Zine we did was to showcase our love of music and air some of the shit that’s fuelling our creative fire. Music is always on in the background for FLY53 and  we needed a way to do some work with the people we were listening to, without going down a boring route. The zine was born from a marriage of old school punk ideology and our penchant for printed matter.

In Zine number 15 we were luck enough to get some time with B.R.M.C. who are just plain amazing live as well as on a CD. It also happens that we share a passion for bikes with them, but that’s another story.

We cornered them in Europe’s biggest Christian festival, which is a weird place for them to play as they are not specifically religious in material or stature, but they wanted to rock the place non-the-less. Read the full interview in the Zine either online (click the image for a link) or get a physical copy from simply ordering any product from the website.

There is a romantic notion in our head about how life in a tour bus, writing songs and playing guitars and back stage events are great, drinking out of champgne glasses and seeing friends you havnt seen for years – is that what its like, or is that not the reality of it all?

Robert: No there is just naked girls and heroin. No champagne though.

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