Fly53 Legends – Clive Campbell

Clive Campbell, known as Kool DJ Herc or DJ Kool Herc is cool as Fuck!

Those of you that love your hip hop will know we’re not exaggerating when we say he is THE Jamacian born, pioneering, iconic, King of Hip Hop. There really is no telling how much we owe this man.

Campbell first brought his unique style of mixing to the decks back in the early ’70s when disco music reigned supreme. He began DJing at his own infamous parties (at 1520 Sedwick Ave) where he used the same double turntable technique as the disco legends of the time (utilizing two copies of the same record to elongate the drum breaks) but this time with hard funk and hip hop beats.

At a time when a prevailing street culture, and a dispossessed youth of a poverty-stricken Bronx was searching for a creative outlet, he brought something new to the table through the medium of hip hop music which for many was (and remains) a way of life.

Whilst his style inspired greats like Afrika Bambataa and Grandmaster Flash his influences spanned far wider than music and he also had an effect on spoken word and street art.

Despite his great influences it is true to say that DJ Kool Herc never really reaped the rewards of a genre he helped to create and these days struggles with his health.

A DJ Kool Herc fund has been established by all those so grateful for his work to help one of hip-hops pioneers battle his illness.