Fly53 Legends – Patti Smith

American singer-songwriter, poet and artist Patti Smith earned herself a spot on our infamous Fly53 legends list by being radical, intellectual, cool as fuck and so punk she was punk before even punk was punk (try saying that after a beer or two).

Having had a massive influence on the New York City punk rock movement with her 1975 debut album ‘Horses’ she gained a mammoth following of devoted fans who couldn’t get enough of the of her unique style and oozing coolness.

Dubbed the ‘Godmother of Punk,’ Patti was in fact the first woman to fuse rock with poetry forming something pretty fucking special and changing the face of rock music as we know it.

Although we sit firmly in camp Patti, it’s safe to say she’s the epitome of musical Marmite. For dissenters, she has been a joyless dragon who has been living off her old reputation for generations (they’re wrong of course). For us she is a living legend, talented, fierce, dominant and individual. All hail Queen Patti.