Randall William Rhoads aka Randy Rhoads was one of the greatest American heavy metal guitarists of our time.

A pioneer of his craft Randy spent the first half of his life, a devoted student of classical guitar and the second using what he’d learnt to change the face of heavy metal and play alongside the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot.

Sadly in 1982, when the world was still only just beginning to appreciated his musical talent a tragic plane accident cut his life short and the man that Ozzy called a ‘saint’ and an ‘angel’ was taken to a better place.

Despite only giving fans less than ten years worth of music with Quiet Riot and then with Osbourne, Rhoads’ impact has never slipped quietly out of his fan’s memories. He remains a major influence on neo-classical metal, inspiring and encouraging so many to get up and play.

Long may his legacy live on. He’ll always have a place in our record collection.