Fly53 Legends – Richard Hell

Apart from the fact that this guys name is Richard HELL, (Dick fucking Hell) he also did some pretty cool stuff in his life. Innovator of punk music and fashion (the man with the coolest name on earth) was one of the first to spike his hair, wear torn, cut and drawn-on shirts held together with safety pins and ooze attitude with the clothes on his chest.

Fashion wasn’t his only digs, in fact it was relatively secondary to his musical career. A member of more influencial early punk bands than you could shake a stick at including the likes of Neon Boys, Television, and The Heartbreakers as well as his own creation Richard Hell & The Voidoids.

A true Punk icon and well deserving of a spot on our prestigious Fly53 legends list Hell has even been credited as a source of inspiration for the Sex Pistols’ look and attitude as well as the clothing their manager Malcolm McLaren sold in his London shop, ‘Sex.’

Since the late 1980s he’s devoted himself to writing adding two published novels to his impressive list of accolades. Dick Hell, you rock our world.