Fly53 Loves & Hates The Best and Worst of this week in Music

This weeks musical love comes in the form of Oxford Indie Rockers Foals, responsible for possibly two of the most innovative British rock albums of the last 5 years (and of which would have graced your ipods in that time) ‘Antidotes’ and ‘Total Life Forever.’

This week they’re back with sharp, emotive, third album, ‘Holy Fire’ which is already seeing critics describe it as “exactly the kind of record credible bands make when they fancy playing their festival slots when it’s getting dark, instead of in the middle of the afternoon,” this we have little doubt will do just that.

Signed in both the UK and with our dear friends across the pond in the US this release, although remnant of their early work has an eyre of freshness and clarity about it that previously was bogged down in elaborate metaphor or exclusive ‘in joke.’ Perhaps a attempt to shake off their ‘spiky’ reputation which won’t do you any favours in the music biz, even if your songs are shit hot.

It’s unpretentious, inventive, exciting (often starting slow and building up to an epic sudden drop) and brutally honest (it’s two centre piece songs seeming to act as confessions to singer Yannis overcoming his relationship, family and social problems and “finding his way out of the woods.”

Top of the ‘it sucks’ list this week is this little number. Maybe we’ve been living under a musical rock when it comes to this lady because if we’re completely we’d never even heard of her until this week when ‘You (Ha Ha Ha)’ started blurting out of our office radio. Needless to say we won’t be rushing out to buy the album, but that doesn’t spending a few precious minutes google (imaging) her name is off the cards right?