Fly53 Musical Distraction – Allah Las

This week’s musical distraction was an obvious choice. Having already featured them in our quarterly Fly53 Zine as new ones to watch these guys are Credible, check. Easy going, check. Bring no demanding diva’esk bullshit, check. Uber cool and super talented, check (Catch our drift?).

Garage rock quartet Allah Las met in 2008 while working at one of the country’s great record stores, back home in LA, ‘Amoeba,’ on Sunset Boulevard, where after meeting they spent weeks, months and years piecing together their unique melancholy sound and becoming masters of their craft. After painstakingly assembling their self titled debut album beginning with “Catamaran”/”Long Journey” released on vinyl and shortly followed by two singles in 2012.

Garage rock, even at its rowdiest, is typically solitary music. Existing outside of time, trends and fashion the vocals are alive and unorganised but also a little removed. “You know a garage-rock band has done its homework if the lead singer can affect a Jagger-esque whine that comes off somewhat anesthetized, like he can’t quite bring himself to commit fully to the song or life in general.” Allah Las debut slots perfectly into this genre. Bruised by break down of relationships this album is a journey through the emotional devestation of a failing romance. Full of yearning, nostalgia, pain, and brutal honesty and tells a beautiful unique story.

It’s spectacular and timeless. Here’s one of our favourites: