Fly53 Musical Distraction – Funeral for a Friend

South Wales’ emo frontrunners, Funeral For A Friend, have long been fans of Fly53 and it’s safe to say the feelings mutual (it’s not often a week goes by when they don’t grace our office radio).

From the head banging ‘Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation,’ one of the landmark punk records of our time. To, ‘Hours,’ and ‘Tales Don’t Tell Themselves,’ which highlighted the bands move away from screaming vocals and heavy metal to a more melodic rock vibe – we’ve been there for the ride. So you’ll forgive us that now, as we prepare ourselves to plunge into ‘Conduit,’ their sixth, full length, studio album we’re boarder-line pissing our pants in anticipation.

If you haven’t been lucky enough to hear it already, you’ll be interested to know ‘Conduit,’ finds the quintet revisiting their thrashy roots and throwing us back to their original hardcore punk vibe. Excited yet? You should be.

It’s short and punchy but still manages to be powerful and impressive with its roaring guitar rifts and vocals which cross between tearful heartbreak and a guy trying to get something stubborn out of his throat. We only have to close our eyes for a second and we’re (ahem) 21 again, front row at a gig about to explode.

We’re in.