Fly53 Musical Distraction – Merchandise

It’s safe to say Merchandise, the latest product of Florida’s thriving DIY punk and hardcore scene are the name on everyone’s lips right now. Aggressive, articulate, romantic and grand this three-piece are quite unlike any band we’ve seen of late, which excites us and we’re not the only ones, they’re in demand. Big time.

In their latest LP, ‘Children of Desire’ Merchandise’s three talented components, David Vassalotti, Carson Cox and Patrick Brady come together to play a twisted mix of their post-punk influenced pop roots but with a sweet and romantic edge.

Their unique style makes Children of Desire an emotionally rich, eccentric, decadent, noisy, pop album that is dying for you to play with and love.

For us Cox’s vocals are the star of the show. His voice is delicate, Morrissey esk at times and able hold its own against the weight of each mammoth track.

There’s more to come from this trio this year, and we’re quite sure we’re going to like it.