Fly53 Musical Distraction – MØ

Karen Marie Ørsted, aka MØ, is being called the new Grimes which will piss off the old Grimes because well, she’s not been around long enough for a new one right? Who was first anyway? Who began the string of female artists producing electronic pop beats? Laurel Halos and Maria Minervas? Björk? Kate Bush? All share that so familiar (so ‘in’ right now) common pace, similar to that of a mid-80s pop disco, but we like it.

Her two tracks, ‘Pilgrim’ and ‘Maiden’ are perfectly polished, cleverly produced works of soulful electronica. Within which you’ll find elements of dubstep, brass, bass, heavy handclaps and high vocals allowing you to hear the wealth of sultry lyrics (mostly her own abstract thoughts on love and fulfillment).

Whilst her sound reminds us of AlunaGeorge and Fat Freddy’s Drop her own musical influences range from Sonic Youth to Major Lazer to Santigold, J Dilla, Twin Shadow and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (all coincidentally artists we rate – we were always guna’ like her let’s be honest even if her genre’s not our favourite). And she certainly goes some way to proving Europeans can do intricate, intelligent electro-pop as well as us British or our American friends across the pond.

With an album due out early this year we’re looking forward to hearing more from this young lady… Take a look at this to whet your whistle…