Before a show London four-piece Savages have been known to post signs around the venue laying out a couple of ground rules: no Instagramming, no videoing and definitely no tweeting.

Part of a growing trend of bands pointing out how sick they are of looking out into a sea of smartphones rather than human faces it is all part of their manifesto #1.

Ironically, their intention to focus on people rather than tiny screens might in fact be making Savages the most web-savvy band of the year. As it would seem just about everyone who has made it to one of their live shows has (en route home – obviously) been tweeting and instagramming the shit out of them.

In truth they’re Becoming more famous for their musical philosophy than they are for their music. Whether some (very) cleaver marketing ploy or genuine mantra, naturally curious creatures, us lot can’t not be helplessly intrigued, and gagging to hand over our hard earned cash to see (without our phones) what all the fuss is about.

Whether you find it profoundly refreshing or a little tedious, (we’ve read reviews swinging both ways) luckily ‘Silence Yourself’ lives up to the hype. These girls are ferocious and they’re heading for world domination.