Pop art has long been one of the many ingredients inspiring our incredible graphic team here at Fly53 HQ and this season’s sweats are a striking testament to the art form. If you’re familiar with our mantra you’ll already know why Fly53’s passion for pop art spans the nearly two decades since it’s birth.

Emerging in the mid 50’s it presented a challenge to traditional ‘fine art’ by injecting it with imagery from popular culture to twist it’s meaning and raise a bold middle finger to the elite who believed ‘art’ to be their own.
In much the same way that pop art challenged mainstream ideas about what art was, for the last two decades Fly53 has challenged mainstream ideas about what makes fashion and who decides?

Our FLY53 Zoinks Crew and Norville Zip through pop art inspired threads reiterate the message; fashion is unique, striking, wearable and intelligent, an expression of individuality and whatever you want it to be.

Cotton mix, loop back over-dyed indie pop art inspired sweats with flat lock stitching and ribbing at the hem and cuff. Finished with our infamous triple bolts embroidered on the back of the neck.