Zine #14 is fast approaching (in fact it’s at the printers as we speak) and this time the list of artists we got to hang out with is pretty dam cool. From Joy Division legend Peter Hook, to rap battle turned solo artist Lunar C to these guys, Blood Red Shoes who have been making some of the coolest rock music around for over 9 years now.

We convened one snowy Wednesday afternoon in April (yes it was snowing in April we weren’t joking when we said summer was running late this year) at the swanky House of Wolf in Islington, London and (being that nobody fancied freezing their bollocks off en route home) settled into an old fashioned or two to talk chemistry, piss, ┬álife on the road, and giving up everything (and we mean everything) to make music.

With the Zine available any day now on and in store here’s a snippet to whet your whistle for the real deal. Sit back enjoy and pass it on.