Retailer Spotlight – Chaos Clothing Halifax

This week we’e sending some serious Fly53 love out to one of our favourite independent retailers this year; Chaos Clothing in Halifax. A family business owned and run by the seriously creative and frankly, very lovely Lucy Perkins.

Sick of seeing 90% of the population in the same black Superdry jacket (you know the one we mean) Lucy and the rest of the gang set out to bring unique and individual fashion to the men and women of Halifax and have been successfully fulfilling their mission (repping the very best of Fly53) for two and a half years now.

The brand itself is particularly special to Lucy, (as we were soon to find out) her initial interest in it was sparked back in the early days of its creation, when Lucy recalls saving to buy one our original bestselling jackets for her childhood sweetheart who remains to this day her current partner (perhaps it sealed the deal? – a good jacket is definitely up there in ways to a mans heart if you ask us).

Remembering being particularly impressed with the quality and unique story behind the brand, from then Lucy became a regular shopper of all things Fly53 herself.

Whats more her personal connection to the brand was to deepen further, after their original shop was broken into six months after opening. Fortunately the Fly53 order which had been delivered that week was still boxed and locked away downstairs (the only area the burglers didn’t manage to destroy) making it one of the only brands which allowed the shop to carry on trading immediately.

Having overcome this very tough time the shop relocated to 16 Union Street and with the move came a shift from very alternative to more of an edgy range of brands for men and women alike. On top of this from Lucy (understanding just how much her clientelle appreciate individuality) committed to only ever buying one of each size of each product, to avoid customers walking out and bumping into someone wearing the t-shirt they’ve just spent the time and the care picking out for themselves. Genius.

One of the finest independent relailers in the land, Chaos Clothing supplies the best edgy clothing for fashion forward people who care about style, quality and  looking unique and best of all it’s all delivered with second to none customer service. So if you’re ever nearby or fancy a short break be sure to pop in – we gaurentee a warm reception and a selection of some of the best brands around. It’s really is one of a kind.

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