The Fly53 Bigmouth Jumper

The Big Mouth’s got winter covered. Chunky, warm and stylish it’s not surprising it has little room for modesty really. We’ve created a monster.

Our design team have taken inspiration from one of our favourite bands, (The Smiths) 1986 hit single ‘Bigmouth strikes again’ and in particualr front man Morrissey; the Jekyll and Hyde of the music world.

Infamous for being soft and gentle in one breath a ripping your fucking head off with his bare hands for eating meat in the next in this track he reminds his lover that he was only joking about wanting her bludgeoned to death in bed. Hhahaha nice (nervous laugh) yeah, we knew that.

Much like Morrissey the Fly53 Big mouth Jumper is a twisted mix of personalities. It has a gentle side it is made from the finest, softest lambswool, but don’t be fooled, it’s a style pimp that knows how to slap other jumpers.

A lean mean winter machine if you will. Oh ,and one more thing we’ve added to the mix our version of this seasons essential all over Fair Isle patten. A traditional technique which depends on repetative detailing for a bold effect, we’ve mixed the concept up a little, inserting our Fly53 lightening bolts, something unpredictable, introduced to knitwear to make order from chaos.