About Fly53


Here at FLY53 we have been playing in bands far longer than we’ve been making clothing. In fact the clothing came about because we were playing in bands. Our bands weren’t as good as some of the others back in the mid 90’s so we made their T-shirts and found we were much better at that. So around 1994 we were dragged screaming and punching in to the world of FLY53 and the limited series FLY53 T-Shirt collection was born; it quickly developed into one of the first UK men’s clothing brands creating intelligent streetwear for men.

FLY53’s music heritage is still at the forefront of their influences and everyday involvement both in the design and manufacture of clothing and in the support for the industry. Based in rural England and fiercely independent, FLY53 Clothing is now one of the premier streetwear brands in the UK today.

FLY53’s philosophy is to create striking, wearable and intelligent men’s clothing that is well designed and manufactured; FLY53 are the ‘Outfitters For The Resistance’.

FLY53 still make T-Shirts, the graphic content continues the FLY53 story with a confident tongue firmly logged in cheek. T-Shirt prints see the rock and roll attitude turned up a few notches with all the usual subversion of a FLY53 streetwear collection. Onwards we have, FLY53 Women’s wear, which follows suit with a compact collection of stylish pieces combining elegant street wear with a glamorous rock chic feel.

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