FLY53 X Reverend And The Makers – THE INTERVIEW

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Jon McClure and his posse hail from Sheffield and keeping company with the likes of Alex Turner and John Cooper Clarke, you know from the outset that Reverend And The Makers ARE uber cool. Let’s go all the way back to when Reverend And The Makers first started, could you tell us how it came about? John: Yep. Me and Ed had some previous incarnations: we were in a band with Alex then Matt from The Arctic Monkeys, we were in a band called1984 for a while then we started recording … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Plan B

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Ben Drew A.K.A. Plan B could just as well have been a Hero as a Throwback Thursday – he’s both. Ben has been a constant surprise since day on when he jumped onto the scene with his 2006 debut (Who needs actions when you got words) then hit everyone with an uppercut in the shape of Strickland Banks. He came into the showroom before the album came out and was saying how the new album was like nothing anyone had seen before from him, and was he right or what! Continue reading

FLY53 Girls on Pinterest


Well we got to Tuesday so time for everyone to give themselves a slap on the back and sit back and kill some time online. It’s been a while since we gave a little sneak of how we roll on Pinterest but we reckon it’s time we took another look. It’s not big, it’s not clever but it damn nice to sit back and enjoy so let’s take a look at our Girls of Pinterest board. We have got a load of other boards but we seem to keep coming … Continue reading



Bez is probably the most famous maraca player in the world. Mark Berry aka Bez has been delighting the world with his madcap shenanigans since the early 80s. From shaking his maracas and ‘twisting melons’ with the Happy Mondays, to emerging victorious from the Big Brother house, Bez has come a long way from dropping acid in The Hacienda. In your eyes, can you see much difference between Labour and Tory? I think they’re all the same; they’re all in cahoots with the bankers. And with this paedophile thing: apparently … Continue reading

GLASS CAVES X FLY53 – Glass Caves Interview

Glass Caves featured

Don’t let the hair distract you, Glass Caves are one incredibly talented band.The four piece hail from Pontefract and are producing some of the best music Yorkshire has to offer, with their debut album ‘Alive’ charting in the record store charts. They can often be found busking on the streets of York or Leeds but their live show is a complete change. See them either way and you’ll be in for a treat. The guys talk crazy fans, busking and hair envy. The Exclusive Glass Caves Interview has arrived.   … Continue reading