FLY53 Rodney P Interview

The Legendary hip hop crew, ‘London Posse’ have always stood out, high and mighty amidst a sea of competitors. They defined a nascent UK hip hop scene, giving it a character; a face. London Posse leader, Rodney P has doubtlessly earned the title of living legend, so it is with some trepidation that Fly53 descended on East Croydon to get the skinny on what life is throwing his way NOW. Time for the Rodney P Interview… Continue reading

FLY53 Zine x Sandie Shaw


Mention the name Sandie Shaw to anyone and you’ll get one of two responses – the phrase ‘Puppet on a string’ or a puzzled look as if you had just spoken Arabic. Regale either of those groups with any of the stories about Sandie and you’ll soon get a different look, one of amazement. 1st U.K. winner of Eurovision with Puppet on a String in 1967 (selling 2 million copies).

We Sit down to discuss everything from Epstein to the Smiths…Enjoy! Continue reading

FLY53 visit the Best Small Music Venues in the UK

fly53 small music venues

Small, independent music venues give you the chance to experience music in the exact conditions that nature intended: gritty, intimate, usually loud, and often very, very sweaty. Here in the UK we have some of the best independent small music venues in the world that pack a hell of a punch for their size, and regularly play host to all kind of amazing acts from up-and-coming local bands, to international acts who hand-pick these venues for their UK tours. Here’s a list of just some of FLY53’s favourites – though we could easily add ten more. Continue reading

FLY53 Zine x Dry The River interview

Dry the river interview with FLY53

Dry the River is a band on the move. Not literally, they don’t just move about a lot, they are a band that’s got a groundswell of followers and are starting to really get a large slice of attention.

Their second album has just been finished and is due for release this year, so they will be out and about over the summer plying their trade in front of adoring crowds. We caught up with them for a chat on a windy East London rooftop for the first interview since finishing said album. Continue reading

FLY53 Zine x Skittles interview

Skittles interview fly53

Liam ‘skittles’ Kelly is one of the best uk lyricists we have met. He’s sharp as a ginsu blade, quick wits and a creative streak that, seemingly, comes out of nowhere. FLY53 love it and so we sat down with the fells to find out if people from outside of London really do exist!

When the unassuming character came into the kraak space for sound check there was a strong smell of festival weed and nonchalance about setting up, like it was something he had done a thousand times before with complete trust in his backing band. Continue reading