Blossoms feature image

Bringing a breath of fresh air to Manchester music, with their unique brand of light psychedelia, Blossoms are concreting themselves as the band to watch out for. Would you like to introduce yourselves? Miles: I’m Miles and I play keys. Tom: I’m Tom and I sing. Josh: Josh: lead guitar. Charlie: I’m Charlie and I play bass. Joe: I’m Joe and I play drums. It’s safe to say your music has a sixties vibe, is that important to you? Charlie: I think the music of the sixties will forever live … Continue reading


Sankofa & FLY53

We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward and understand why and how we came to be who we are today. Known as Liverpools most prized possession, Sankofa bring you a mix of 60s Blues and Psych with menacing guitars and Ste Walls vocals towering above some heavy riffs as the dark narrative lyrics bring 1920s Blues right up-to-date.   Who are Sankofa musical influences? Ste; They differ don’t they? Mine are probably more vocal based, Peter Green, Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke, stuff like … Continue reading

FLY53 X Get Cape. Wear Cape. FLY

Get Cape. Wear Cape. FLY- FLY53

The end may be nigh but the music will live on. Six albums and many achievements (such as headlining the Astoria on his 21st birthday) later, 2014 album ‘London Royal’ brings down the curtain on the cape. So, what have you been up to in 2014? Just in the process of the final tour. So this is the first day of two weeks of winding up the project. It’s been a long process of getting ready for this, really. What’s prompted to you to stop performing under the banner of … Continue reading